HELLO KITTY! 06/23/2008

I Am in lov with hello kitty! i love it so much. my goal is to get as amny hello kitty merchendise as i can! if u have any comments about hello kitty post them here! Even better if u have a site all abut hello kitty i will go there everyday! so post!

Zetapets 06/01/2008

Who thinks zetapets is awsome?! i do! ut the thing ois they banned me cause they say i have multible accout but i only have one and like they banned me for 70 years so does anyone know how to get unbanned? i tried talking to the people but they dont answer...

Our Blog 04/16/2008

Hello we just got the chat box tell me how you like it! And also tell me how you like the site cause i just published it! hope you like it!



    Hey im Alyssa and i am makeing this website for
    animal lovers!

    Ok this blog is where we post new things that are happening like when we will have a contest or when i will update things like that i will post here if u want you can comment and if u have any questions then post them in the guest book plz! thank you!


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