Zetapets 06/01/2008

Who thinks zetapets is awsome?! i do! ut the thing ois they banned me cause they say i have multible accout but i only have one and like they banned me for 70 years so does anyone know how to get unbanned? i tried talking to the people but they dont answer...



06/04/2008 17:13

ur site is still on the go and
its great!!! keep up the good work!
hey whats zetapets?

06/06/2008 15:49

I went to zetapets.com and it was ok.
i mean i didnt know how to play
it but i might be able to understand
it beter soon

06/06/2008 15:51

I think i know one way to be unbanned!
Aly make a new gmail account and
then make it on that account
then u can like have a new one!

06/07/2008 10:35

Hey I made a zetapal account!
I have no friends on it:
my account name:

xrockstarx plz be my friend..anyone?

06/07/2008 17:26

sorry. I pressed "enter" insted of "tab"
anyway. I have a question, what's a zetapet?

06/10/2008 13:26

Thx Aly 4 clearing up that mistake!
i knew u couldnt have said mean things!
luv ur site too!

06/10/2008 13:32

lllloving.. the site..

06/10/2008 14:18

I am ur impersonater.
But I am sorry. I don't wanna
write a lot so I explained in the
weebly blog.I will come bac 2 ur site
if u hav a message for me or
email me. but im really

oh i dont hav an email the email i gave u
is my friends email so yea..

06/10/2008 19:13

i ♥ animals

06/14/2008 10:12

Hey Aly! Sorry I sorta got in trouble
4 going on the computer evryday
so now i only go on weekends.
so u havent heard me in a awhile.
Sorry! Still luving ur site!
Visit my latest new site if u havent

06/14/2008 14:09

hey i love ur site

06/14/2008 16:21

OK wewill work it out sy being BFF!!!

06/25/2008 15:45

THX Aly! OMG pplz r blackmaling
AGAIN and now its Alex! g2 the blog!
i JUST read it and it was sad and
i got mad at them! OMG pplz who impersonate!!!

11/13/2008 06:08

what is zetapets?????? Anyway visit my website www.4everpets.weebly.com
It's just getting started!

03/21/2009 07:51

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10/19/2010 20:00

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